Man Shopping: why its important to have a list of what you want before you head off to the love supermarket! (online dating tips)

Good Choice, Bad Choice - Make the Right Choices

Online Dating Tips: Why It’s Crucial to Know What You Want in a Relationship online dating tips My latest video (see below) was a fun look at why a list of what you want in a relationship might just help you choose the perfect man for you. Here is one of my top online dating…

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Lessons in Self Love: Love Yourself First to Attract Your Perfect Man

love what you see in the mirror

How I got involved in the amazing Lessons in Self Love project: I was asked recently if I would like to contribute a chapter to a book about Self Love. The book was part of a larger project and it’s aim was to raise awareness in women of the power of self love. When a…

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eHarmony Profiles: Why You Need to Get Your Answers Right [Podcast #004]

Heart-On-Sticky-Note-On-Comput-13049501 (400 x 266)

eHarmony advice – Why The Answers You Give to The Questions Online Dating Sites Ask are Crucial to Your Dating Success. I spend a lot of my time reviewing online profiles for my clients.  I am referring to the profiles that you complete if you sign up to dating sites such as eHarmony, etc.…

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Self Confidence and What You Wear [Podcast #003]


Self-Confidence: Why What You Wear, and How You Wear It, Can Make You Irresistible to the Opposite Sex It’s Friday, you have decided to go out for a quick drink with colleagues after work.  It is only a quick one, and you don’t expect to see anyone that you know or fancy.  You’re at a…

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Nice Girls Do It Too: Online Dating isn’t Just For Weirdos

Online Dating – Nice Girls Do It Too! Before the advent of online dating there was something else that busy professionals and lonely people did in order to find a partner; they checked out the singles nights in bars and the badly named ‘lonely hearts’ column in the local and national press.  No-one considered this…

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Finding Love Online is Like Finding a Great Contractor… Seemingly Impossible

Finding Love Online or in the ‘Real World’ can be as daunting as finding a great contractor.  Don’t let that put you off making the effort though! Hubby and I were talking about contractors the other day.  If you are new to following me then you might be wondering why so here is a quick…

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Introducing Jane Rapin “The Love Cook” [Podcast #001]

My first foray in to the wonderful world of podcasting! This first instalment is only around 5 mins long and is a very quick intro to little old me – who I am, how I got here and what I do now. In this episode I talk about: Who I am How I got here…

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Why Online Love is More Likely to Last

Internet Dating

Online Dating Helps Love Last Longer, But Why? I mentioned last week (in the short video) that the Telegraph had posted an article showing that online love is more likely to last.  You will recall my *happy dance* when I heard of the report because it is a fact that I have long been shouting…

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What to Wear on a Date: Shoe Love and Why You Have to Ditch the Wedges, Ladies

It’s a little known fact that there is one style of shoe that is almost universally disliked by men. Whilst most men will fall over themselves to watch a woman walk in heels, the oh so comfy wedge sends shivers down their spine for an altogether different reason.

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Vital Questions To Help You Get Your Ex Back

5 Vital Questions To Ask To Help You Get Your Ex Back – But Only If It’s The Right Thing To Do! Going through a break up is never easy. It comes with its own unique set of emotions. Let’s assume, because you’re reading this, that you have recently gone through a break up and…

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